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Day 285 of My Captivity:

There has been a terrible and most unfortunate accident and I suppose that it was as a result of 'things' getting out of control if that is, flames are 'things,' and the way they have just raced over a large bit of my stomach and shoulders to say nothing of parts of my face I would say that were almost alive.

One minute I was gently tipping a can of petrol so that it would pour a trickle of liquid over the back door step, just enough to make it damp you understand and not wet enough to blow the kitchen up.

Now obviously there is a fine line between pouring enough petrol over the floor and allowing it to soak a little into the wooden surround of the door and too much, and I am guessing here, I may have erred on the side of pouring too much!

I am pretty sure that what happened, happened in spite of all of my precautions and safety measures, although have you noticed just how hard it is to control your enthusiasm when splashing petrol around the home, but I am sure that I did, well I know I did because this time apart from a few light, hardly noticeable scorch marks around the kitchen there wasn't any damage, well that isn't exactly truthful, there wasn't a lot of damage caused by the explosion and subsequent flash fire, but, and I still don't understand how or indeed why I was the only one seriously damaged. And of course we are not only talking about the physical damage here, to my fur, I am talking about the emotional scarring and mental hurt caused by being balder than I was minutes ago.

As I have indicated, it wasn't as though I didn't take the all the right precautions once I poured a drop or two of petrol around a little and then carefully moved the petrol can well away from what I thought was going to be the heart of the fire, and then I tossed a match at the back door. Unbelievably the match didn't even have to touch the back door step or floor, fire just happened with a small woof of an explosion.