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Day 324 of My Captivity:

Even though it was only early in the evening when I decided to go to sleep last night it was rather dark and finding shelter was not easy, finding shelter that was dry proved impossible and I fell asleep inside a hollow log, like the ones that wild animals live in, in Disney cartoons and I suppose real life too.

Now I am not complaining although I ache and my fur is still very damp, I would like to make this observation, sleeping in a real hollow log is a smelly and rather unpleasant experience and not at all like the dry logs where Bambi's friends live, amongst pretty dry flowers and twittering brightly coloured little birds.

Talking of twittering brightly coloured little birds I am hungry and there doesn't seem to be anything around here to eat apart from wet leaves and tree bark, which is not my cup of tea even if Tree Bark Teas are considered health giving in parts of China, this is Tunbridge Wells and not China for a start and the other thing is that I am not thirsty either.

Anyway never mind, as they say when 'they' are trying to take your mind of something and change the subject, the sky is a lighter shade of grey now and I am free, the ground isn't drying out, but then tonight I have plans that involve sleeping somewhere dry, all I have to do is to find the village and a shop or two, and then worry about the somewhere dry to sleep.

Well you know how I like to cut long stories short; well you can pat me on the back because I haven't even bothered to describe the long march that I undertook, although I will tell you that every branch I brushed against produced a shower of very cold water droplets that had spent the morning getting colder and waiting patiently for me to pass.