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It gives me great pleasure to say that this www - wickedly wonderful website of mine is really becoming a world that I can properly welcome you to. You may have noticed that my amazingly popular website has grown just a little and that is because now I have added my latest masterpiece of feline literature to it "The Cat's Travelogue."

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Day 162 of My Captivity:

By now after several days of what seems like a lull in my escape attempts, you probably think that I have gone soft and have given up any thoughts of escape, and frankly all I can say in reply is! 'You are so completely wrong that you should be awarded some sort of prize for achieving such a pinnacle of wrongness.'

After more or less giving up with the deeper workings of my mobile phone I watched some television and as usual was astounded by the quality of the documentaries. The marvel in question was a serious and a little complicated documentary called 'Time Tunnel,' the programme was a little old having been made in the 1960's, but it was, in spite of its age, very interesting.

I have a feeling that it was more of a 'docu drama', which I understand, is a programme which is part fact and part drama, the main drama of this programme being the shape of the presenter's haircut and the style of his clothes, but for all of that interesting statement in taste, it was very inspiring and extremely engaging.

If the desire of this programme's producers was to inspire and educate, then they hit the target with one viewer at least, and judging by the fact that it was only me who drained the National Grid of electricity today, they, I have to say, succeeded in their brief.

That is not to say that other viewers of this incredible documentary didn't try their hand at replicating the experiment for all I know, they just didn't succeed, which with hindsight is probably just as well!