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I am The Cat by the way and if you like to laugh and have fun then this is the place for you!

It gives me great pleasure to say that this www - wickedly wonderful website of mine is really becoming a world that I can properly welcome you to. You may have noticed that my amazingly popular website has grown just a little and that is because now I have added my latest masterpiece of feline literature to it "The Cat's Travelogue."

If you let your mouse hover over the bit of the page above that looks more like a peeling bit of wallpaper and then click you will be whisked to a completely new section of my dual mode website and I know you are going to love it as much as you love the original. P.S. The mouse is the thing in your hand, if you are using a trackpad I admire you!

Here you can read a little from my wonderful book "Getting Out - Excerpts From A Cat's Diary," either using a sneak peek of the first 20 or so pages or indeed every day when we show first couple of paragraphs of a different excerpt from what has been described not only by me as 'a work of pure genius.'

Just look at the Reviews page for what people have been kind enough to say, without being forced or paid of course! People can be really nice sometimes or is it just my readers, and I bring out the best in them? Probably!

If you want to sample my wonderful book you can download the first 20 pages here or read on for today's Excerpt of The Day...

Day 94 of My Captivity:

It is good to see the Dog back too! He hasn't spoken about his experience at Mrs. O'Riley's, probably still in shock.

Judging by the scratching he is doing all the time; I bet that he caught some 'little visitors' from the hay in the barn. I feel sorry for the poor Dog; well only a little sorry for him, because he is certain to be sprayed with flea spray if they catch him scratching and the way he is scratching they are bound to catch him!

Hardly seems fair does it? First they put the poor itchy Dog in a kennel, then the kennel floods and he is nearly washed away, and then after recovering in a barn he, through no fault of his own catches Fleas, well it isn't as though he invited them is it?

Now he is going to get sprayed and of course if he gets sprayed you can guarantee that I will, which is why I feel sorry for the Dog because if I get sprayed with flea spray, because of him, he will pay!

I hate being sprayed, well frankly any animal in their right mind hates being sprayed with that filthy stuff, and not only that after a while one gets used to having a few itchy places here and there, speaking of here and there. Oh! There is an itch just 'there,' I hate it when you itch in a place that is really difficult to scratch.


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