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Day 147 of My Captivity:

Today we were treated to a little family gathering; the house was full of a vast assortment of rejects, suspicious characters, shoplifters, pickpockets, crooks and murderously ugly Humans, or to give them their proper name the Human's extended family. In fact the house was so tightly packed with these dreadful people that the whole noisy affair seemed like a political party's convention.

The main event apparently was a celebration of the fact that little Clarence, a distant, though in my opinion not distant enough, cousin, had passed some sort of exam to do with squeezing ear splitting notes out of an Oboe!

I have to say here and now that Clarence and the Oboe did have an affinity, they were uncannily alike, wooden, jaundiced and very tall and skinny, in fact when Clarence stood behind the Oboe it was as if they were one because Clarence was so skinny that he almost disappeared, apart from a pair of skinny legs oddly protruding out of the bottom of the instrument.

It's a shame that the disappearance was just an optical illusion, because he began playing the dreadful instrument while standing behind it, this was very off putting, the noise was awful and the fact, that it appeared to be coming from a wooden instrument with unnaturally skinny legs was bizarre to say the least.

Clarence's Mother clapped her hands with such force that the entire noisy gathering abruptly stopped nattering, arguing, trading punches and shouting and even the young children stopped running around and stealing things that hadn't either been hidden or nailed down.