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Day 166 of My Captivity:

Electricians are mad! But in their defence they react brilliantly in emergencies and apparently we were having another emergency today.

As you may have gathered, if you are clever enough, the latest emergency was electrical, hence appearance of the mad electricians, but having the mad electricians in the house wasn't the only inconvenience that the Dog and I were suffering from, oh no, the Male Captor was in a foul mood, because this 'man of action' (I am sure the word portly could be inserted into that statement) was reduced to a degree of inaction that he was completely and utterly unsuited to.

In fact the Male Captor sadly was off work, which meant that he was at home for at least the rest of the day, (depending upon how quickly hurt Humans heal), and that wasn't good whichever way you looked at it.

His fall from the chair yesterday was a little more serious than anyone had thought, except I have to say that he had mentioned the fact that he was in agony at the time, but as he is a man and frequently mentions he is in agony, we all more or less ignored him although the Female Captor did ask him what was wrong when he was lying on the floor making 'I'm in agony' noises.

Yesterday when he mumbled through gritted teeth that he was in agony the Female Captor had used her usual 'pull yourself together, it can't be that bad' look and tone and ignored his grunts of pain, and replied 'don't be daft, get up and get on with it.' There may have also been a reference to men never having to experience the pain of child birth, and other exclusively women's pains, there usually is, but honestly I can't be sure that there was this time, I was trying not to listen and also avoid the pool of blood on the hall floor.