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It gives me great pleasure to say that this www - wickedly wonderful website of mine is really becoming a world that I can properly welcome you to. You may have noticed that my amazingly popular website has grown just a little and that is because now I have added my latest masterpiece of feline literature to it "The Cat's Travelogue."

If you let your mouse hover over the bit of the page above that looks more like a peeling bit of wallpaper and then click you will be whisked to a completely new section of my dual mode website and I know you are going to love it as much as you love the original. P.S. The mouse is the thing in your hand, if you are using a trackpad I admire you!

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Gay Paris!

I have a feeling, that I know why Paris is referred to as 'Gay Paris,' but I could be wrong, so I will let you decide.

All I will say on the subject is that there is a lot of rather peculiar behaviour displayed by more than half of all French males, and that goes with mentioning a university in Paris with a very odd name, which I think is called the 'Sorebot' I will leave you to draw your own conclusions about the lessons that can be learned at a university called the 'Sorebot.'

I will say this I didn't stay long in Paris because I didn't like the idea of getting a sore bot from any Gay Parisians.

What I did do was what they call the sights and nearly got knocked over standing, minding my own business gawping at the Arc de Triomphe; it's in the centre of a very dangerous race track as far as I could tell.

When I had a traffic free moment to think about the marvellous Arc and its celebration of some triumph or the other I had to scratch my head because for the life of me I could think of any French triumph. Well there are French fries of course but I think these arches are supposed to celebrate some military victory Agincourt, - No! Waterloo? - No! Moscow? - No! The First or indeed the Second World Wars? - Again no, how sad is that? Still it's a nice arch though.

Actually I did like the idea of the lovely arch standing in the Place de l'Étoile (place of the stars), but I couldn't see the names of any stars in the sidewalk, which was more than a little disappointing.