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Autobahns, Expressways, And Other Methods Of Getting Nowhere Fast!

As you can imagine it took a long, long time for everyone to get back on the coach and then even longer to get them to sit in the seats that they were supposed to sit in. Then another eternity to count everyone to make sure that they weren't about to leave any drunken pensioners behind by accident, a sentiment that after this short time on the coach I confess I tended not to agree with although on the other paw no one, not even the Germans, deserved the trial of having drunken pensioners on the loose.

But after three pensioners decided that they needed another toilet break, and it had to be the toilet in the Bier Keller, we might just have been ready to set off and I would begin my journey home with a coach load of geriatric drunks except that a trickle (if that is the right word in this context) of others decided that they should follow suit, they poured themselves off the coach stumbled and Zimmered towards the Bier Keller.

After a good three quarters of an hour of what can only be sympathetically called 'buggering about' most if not all the straying pensioners were back on board and the bus pulled out into the traffic.

They say that herding Cats is difficult but I think I have found another group who are much worse - pensioners.

As we fearlessly sped through Berlin I closed my eyes in terror and decided to keep them like that for as long as it took to get out of Berlin why? Well that is simple, everyone says that the Italians are the worst drivers in the world and although the Italians do their best to live up to this reputation it was the Berliners in their executive limos who were late for work who taught them all of the tricks of their trade.