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Arabs in general are very nice people, but the people of Tunisia and for that matter Morocco are in the main French speakers, and for that reason alone I suggest that you always keep your hands on your wallet when they are around.

The only comfort I had was that the aeroplane I caught at the airport, which is more or less in middle of Cairo, was not stopping in Libya and so I could possibly implement a little plan that I was hatching, to catch a ferry, boat, fishing smack, in fact anything that floats to sail across the Mediterranean and land somewhere in Italy.

It was such a wonderfully tempting prospect, I thought I might if I was lucky be able to spend some time in a civilisation that was 4,000 odd years old but didn't seem like it was stuck there like Egypt.

When I arrived in Tunisia I was so shocked by the dreadfulness that I sort of sauntered off into the Atlas Mountains by accident. It was, to be honest, a bit of a mistake, but a blisteringly scenic one if you like wide blue skies and oddly coloured mountain ranges.

I thought to myself as I looked out over the endlessly unending horizon that the wind was strong up here among the Eagles on my mountain top but the strong wind could have been the rather spicy Goat that I had eaten last night I suppose. Happily the strong wind kept the Eagles soaring high above because I wouldn't have liked a close encounter with them if they were actually Eagles and not Vultures.