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Missing Most of the West of France at Speed

As I said in the last chapter I was busy wondering where I was off to next and the answer came to me as I was standing paw deep in the detritus at the back of the Le Palais de la Mediterranee. I mentally awarded the Le Palais de la Mediterranee seven stars for littering their back yard and managing to hide it so well from the paying guests and sloped off.

As I was sloping - well there are a lot of hills in Nice and you tend to lean into them as you walk, if you see what I mean - I came upon an open top red sports car at some traffic lights, revving itself for all of it was worth, which I have to add was rather a lot, and so I hopped in to the back unnoticed and settled down for a very fast and hopefully magical mystery tour away from the unbelievable misnamed town called Nice.

I like this way of travelling, just hoping onto some aeroplane, train or as in this case car because 'arriving' is such a surprise; sometimes it's a nice surprise and some times after a very long drive through the night at extremely high speeds it's Paris.

This time was no exception we whistled through the French countryside as the A10/E5 motorway tore its way through some of the prettiest parts of France always making detours to kiss most of the unsightly cities along the way, or at least major parts of them, which is why just a few hours after leaving Nice in cloud of smoking tyre rubber and ignored traffic lights we crossed over the top of one of the ugliest cities in Europe Toulouse, and sped towards the lovely countryside of Bordeaux and the Medoc.

Of course the French way to celebrate such stunning natural beauty such as the beautiful Gironde Estuary, where the mouths of the Garonne and Dordogne rivers merge, is to plonk a very wide concrete bridge through the middle of it, spoiling the view in every direction except from the concrete bridge itself!