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Now that you have had time to enjoy the website (at no cost I might add) I suppose it is time to ask yourself a few very important questions, the first might be, what can I do to help this wonderful selfless, almost saintly Cat? Is fifty dollars enough to send him and should that be weekly? Will any money I send be used wisely? Where can I get the Cat's books?

Yes I can see in your eyes that these questions trouble you, let me help you out here and answer your concerns with some pledges and promises to you. You can help by sending money, I know it is crass to ask for cash, but it goes a long way these days!

Fifty dollars is a good place to start, obviously those people who log onto my website and fall in love with me and the work I am doing will send more, oh so much more, and those with incredible imaginations will dream up even bigger sums of money to send, but the important thing is regularity, send what you can when you can, weekly would be wonderful.

Will the money you send be used wisely, what can I say yes of course you have my solemn promise that I will spend the money you donate wisely, I guess you could say that I will be investing it, ensuring that only the best businesses benefit from your kindness, by buying First Class air travel, premier hotels, and the finest food and wine known to mankind.

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