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Why - A Website?

Why does a Cat need a website? Well I would have thought that was simple, really you Humans can be a bit dense on occasions if you ask me!

There are several reasons for me a mere Cat, no not a Meerkat, a mere Cat to have a website, the main one is covered on my webpage entitled Everyone and sub titled - Has Something To Sell, and from that title it should be pretty obvious that I want to flog you a something or two, that is what most web sites are about isn't it? Oh and of course I want to entertain my dear visitors that is so obvious that it almost goes without saying!

There are two other important reasons too, the first is that I am learning English and consequently want to practice it as often as I can and the other reason is that I want to let you all to know about my brilliant books, the first book is a Diary and describes a full Cat year - yes all 381 days of it!

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